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Every change of season comes with its share of bugs… Winter is no different.

In fact, it could be worse! To stay warm, bugs and critters make their way towards homes, storehouses, restaurants, and any other warm spot to keep away from the cold. Here is a list of those usual suspects and an explanation of the damage they can cause.

Rats will try by all means to enter buildings in search of heat and food. These pests are a major health concern. They carry many serious diseases such as salmonella and the bacteria E. coli (Gastroenteritis), and can contaminate any surface they find themselves on. They can also cause substantial material damage to your property. A study by our Rentokil partners found that rats cause the greatest damage to businesses, as they often attack electrical cables, damaging essential equipment and putting them out of order.

It rains a lot in winter, and some insects, like cockroaches, are attracted to humidity and excess water. They flee the cold by settling underneath your sinks and in drainage pipes, patiently waiting for nighttime to raid your kitchen for food. These repugnant insects carry more than 33 types of different bacteria, including salmonella, gastroenteritis, and dysentery. Also, their droppings can cause eczema as well as asthma attacks, which makes having them in your home a serious health hazard. Imagine the damage that these pests can cause in a food factory, restaurant, or even a hotel? In worst-case scenarios, cockroach infestations have led to establishments being closed down…

Bed Bugs
At the best of times, bed bugs do their best to escape the cold. In winter, they do it even more. And what could be more tempting than a warm bed for these merciless bloodsuckers? Your bed, to be precise.

They invite themselves into your home via luggage or by hitching a ride on second-hand furniture, and next thing you know, you’ll be feeling their unpleasant bites and the sleepless nights that follow! The repercussions of their presence in a hotel are even more serious. The reputation of the establishment can suffer considerably from their presence, especially if customers decide to share their unhappiness on social networks.

In the wild in other parts of the world, ants survive the winter buried deep in the ground far from people’s homes. Ants in Mauritius (it seems) don’t follow the same tactics. They infiltrate even the smallest cracks to access your home and can be a real problem because they have the annoying tendency of going straight for your pantry. In commercial spaces such as food processing plants, food storage warehouses, restaurants, and more, ants are more than a nuisance … they’re a threat to your bottom line as they can cost you money and damage your reputation.

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