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Ablution Service

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Heavy Duty Disinfection for Washrooms

Keeping your office washrooms clean and germ-free is a never ending battle that’s easy to lose. After months, or even years of constant use, it becomes harder and harder to get rid of stains, built up faecal matter, and bacterial buildup.

That’s where our ablution service comes in. This deep clean can make your stained, clogged up and malodorous washrooms look and feel brand new after just one session. Not only will your toilets look better, you can be sure that they’ll be free of any harmful microorganisms which can spread infections across the workplace.

Why Choose Us

Why Use Our Ablution Service

Complete Disinfection

Completely eliminate harmful microorganisms from your entire toilet space. Our ablution service spreads bio-enzymes through plumbing systems to keep your washroom hygienic even after the service.

Protect Your Reputation

Nobody likes a dirty toilet. Our ablution service removes scale and built-up wastes from cubicles, lavatories, urinals, mirrors and other “hard to reach” areas leaving your toilets looking brand new.

Smell Fresher

Our ablution service eliminates and prevents malodours from toilets, drains and surfaces and reduces the risk of potential blockages.

Did You Know?

The average toilet seat has 50 times more germs than a doorknob. Stop worrying about doorknobs, and remember that the toilet seat might actually be the bigger germ carrier!

Are your toilets constantly dirty and smelly despite your best efforts?

After years of use, even the most well maintained toilet needs an extra deep clean to leave them looking fresh and new. Our ablution service not only cleanses your toilets of all germs and bacteria, they leave them looking brand new. So, save your business’s reputation and keep your customers and employees safe by using our ablution service today!

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