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Bed Bugs: One of Your Worst Nightmares

A growing issue in hotels, dormitories, hospitals, care homes, residential apartments and childcare facilities, bed bugs are found where people tend to rest and sleep.

To get a bed bug infestation, one needs to have come into direct contact with them within an infested accommodation. Infestations happen quickly as adult female bed bugs lay an average of 5 eggs per day. When left uncontrolled, these infestations are costly, stressful, time-consuming and impact any business’s reputation.

Our Heat Treatment eliminates bed bugs through the controlled application of heat. This one-of-a-kind, innovative and chemical-free solution kills all stages of an insect’s lifecycle from egg to adult making it a fast-acting, cost-effective way to manage infestations.

Our Chemical-Free, Effective Control of Bed Bugs

Single Treatment

It only requires a single treatment to solve a bed bug issue quickly and with minimum disruption.


Our heat treatment is a safe, chemical-free solution for use on all your intimate contact points, such as mattresses, pillows, clothing and furniture. The heat is delivered and distributed safely and evenly within the contained, infested area or object until it reaches the desired temperature.


Treated items can be reused directly after the treatment as there is no chemical residual side effects. This unique feature makes the Heat Treatment the preferred solution for a wide range of customers.

Remote monitoring

The equipment is monitored remotely via a laptop, producing a precise, computer-generated graph as proof of successful heat exposure for the required length of time.

Bed bugs don’t make any difference between clean and dirty buildings; the only thing they look for is a food source: human blood.

We Protect Your Business and Your Reputation

There is a rise in bed bugs outbreaks and it is widely thought that this is related to more people travelling, summer temperatures soaring and hotels operating at increasingly high occupancy rates.

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