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In this time of confinement during which you are all safely at home, make sure that nobody other than your family members is taking shelter under your roof! Pests are not scared to venture out, will not respect social distancing and are ready to get comfortable in your pantries, cupboards or wherever they have a chance to sneak in. Fear not, here are our 5 top tips to help you keep them at bay, and a very productive way to use all your free time! 


1- It’s time to clean up!

Clutter is very appealing to pests such as rodents and makes the perfect nesting place for them. Cockroaches and spiders also love to hide and multiply in dark and cluttered areas. Wondering what you can do with your free time? Roll up your sleeves and get rid of all the unnecessary clutter and mess that you never had time to deal with. Throw away these piles of old newspapers or unused old items. Organise your pantry by sealing items in plastic boxes or glass containers. Your best defence against pests is a clean and well-maintained home!


2- Become a handyman!

Walk around your home and keep your eyes peeled for gaps, cracks and holes, which are like open doors for pests to invade your territory. Check spaces under doors or holes in walls where wires, pipes, and drains pass through. You will be surprised to know that insects and rodents can get through very small openings. Holes and cracks in the wall can also provide small insects with a place to hide. Your best option? Get some crack filler to fill holes and seal cracks around your home and apply some proofing to deny access and entry to these pests. Some holes are so tiny that you might not notice them right away but they are big enough for ants or other insects to squeeze their way through. The best way to keep small insects out is by having holes and cracks repaired.


3- Take the trash out!

Trash that is pilling up is like an open invitation to pests of all sorts to come and have a free meal. Flies, cockroaches, rats … they will all come running with the smell. Green trash, like pilled up branches and grass will attract mosquitoes, so seal them securely in plastic bags made for this usage. Make sure all your trash is properly packed away in closed bags, ready to be collected. Don’t leave any full bins in your house as this will also attract pests. Don’t forget to clean your bins regularly to make sure there is no waste residue that can still entice pests.


4- Yes, you can fix it!

Do you have any leaks in the house? Leaks not only cause a waste of water, but they also cause mould and structural damage. The bad news is that they also attract a number of pests in your home. Pests like cockroaches and rats need water to survive and will always go to damp areas. Some of them can survive with water only for months! Try your best to fix all leaks with duct tape while waiting for a plumber to come. Make sure you don’t have any water collecting anywhere inside your house, your balcony or your garden, as stagnant water is a real paradise for mosquitoes to lay their hundreds of eggs. Check flower pots or any recipient that could have collected water and empty them. Stopping pests from getting access to water is to prevent providing the availability of food sources to them. 



You have washed the dishes and mopped the floors and have a satisfying feeling that your home is spick and span? Did you think about cleaning all your kitchen appliances such as the stove, microwave, etc.? Toasters and ovens often have food particles left over after use, which attract lizards, ants, cockroaches and other common household pests in your kitchen. These pests can spread harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli and pose numerous health risks for you and your family. Moreover, their droppings and urine can contaminate food. And since the kitchen is where you prepare and cook food, you really want it to be spotless. So it’s worth the effort to clean these appliances regularly to avoid inviting unwanted pests for dinner!


Now you know how to keep yourself busy in a productive way and keep unwanted pests away! Stay safe!