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Bird Population Control

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Bird Population Control

While most birds are perfectly harmless, they can host more than 60 transmittable diseases and carry parasites such as lice. Besides posing potential danger to people’s health, they can also put a business at risk.

Once birds turn your property into their home, it will be quite a challenge to remove them, and stop them from coming back. They can quickly become invasive, and disrupt your life or your professional activity.

The presence of birds in buildings is a real nuisance. Most of them nest in close surroundings of buildings or even inside.

Some risk associated to their presence include:


Birds carry several diseases such as salmonella, avian and bacteria such as flu and E. coli that may cause gastro-enteritis and septicaemia.


Birds also carry lice, ticks and fleas. They invade places where the birds are present. The birds’ lice feed on blood, but can also bite man.


In some cases, birds can become aggressive. When it comes to protecting their nests, for example.

Acid droppings

The acid droppings of birds are one of the main causes of buildings’ and vehicles’ deterioration.

Birds’ Nests

Nests debris and scattered feathers can block gutters, evacuation systems and air conditioning units.

As birds like routine, the longer they nest in a specific area, the more difficult it will be to make them move away from it. Our ethical solutions prevent birds from approaching, setting in and nesting.

A successful Bird Population Control Includes:

Accurate Assessment

Our techniques are based on a perfect mastery of birds’ behavioural characteristics. Our bird control specialist will inspect your premises to assess the bird pest situation, and recommend the best solution.

Tailor-Made Solutions

An appropriate treatment plan will be implemented using the preferred deterrent methods according to your individual needs, your premises or business activities.

Ethical Methods

Our birds deterrent system includes a combination of methods and equipment to repel birds, prevent them from landing, roosting or nesting, and to discourage them from coming back to your premises.

Scheduled service

Thorough inspections and treatments done by our trained professionals on a fixed schedule for maximum discretion and convenience.

Record keeping

Essential for a thorough knowledge of the targeted pests’ behaviour.


We work in partnership with businesses to maintain consistent alignment on implementing strategies and action plans.
Some birds such as pigeons for example, live in groups of up to 100: a small bird issue may quickly become an uncontrollable situation.

We Protect Your Home, Your Health and Your Business

In case of infestation, the control of birds population is necessary to limit the health risks associated to their presence and to ensure buildings against any degradation. In the food-handling industry, they are considered a nuisance as they can transmit diseases that contaminate people’s food.

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