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Common House Geckos

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Lizards: They drop their poop everywhere and just fall off the ceiling!

Common house geckos are generally harmless, and having one or two lizards around the house is no cause for alarm. However, when they start to increase in numbers, there can be a hidden nest somewhere for reproduction purposes

They don’t carry any known diseases but do carry bacteria through their faeces, urine and saliva like salmonella for example that causes food poisoning among humans. They also tend to leave their droppings everywhere, making the premises unsanitary.

Most importantly, when lizards get stuck and die into machines like TVs, air-conditioning units, or bread toaster, they can permanently damage electrical appliances while their decomposing bodies leave a foul smell.

​​​​Signs of Lizard Infestation: Look Up For These!

Live lizards

The most obvious sign of an infestation is seeing large numbers of live lizards within your premises.


Lizards’ droppings are usually left on the wall, above surfaces, within cabinets or among appliances. They have a white tip that is made from their urine (uric acid) and a pellet shape outlook that is usually black or dark brown in colour.

Eggs and young

Spotting of an increasing number of young lizards or egg shells is the sign of an active reproductive nest within your premises.

How to Prevent a Lizard Infestation?

The first course of action to prevent a lizard infestation is to cut any available food sources, and get rid of them by:

Cover all food and drinks

specially fruits and sweet food that lizards like.

Cut the water source

Remove at spills, leaks, moisture and standing water.

Look out for pests that attract them

as they prey on flies, moths and mosquitoes, one infestation may trigger a second one.


Clean regularly, especially with the clutters, junks, cartons and damp, dark places where they like to hide – such as under bathrooms and kitchen sinks. Cleanliness will also lessen the number of insects, which is the main food source for lizards.

In the garden

keep all rubbish bins tightly sealed.

Did you know?

Lizards can live up to 5 years in their lifespan and may stay in your home for a long term without taking pest prevention measures.

DIY Methods & The Time To Seek For Professional Lizard Control

Essential oils as a repellent

Essential oils such as citronella may work to repel lizards while making your house smelling nice and fresh. In fact, Citronella is often used to repel many other pests as well.

While this DIY method can deal with a small lizard problem, if you are facing a persistent issue in your premises, it’s the time to call us. We’ll deal with your larger or multiple lizard infestations.

Did They Invade Your Home?