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Have you ever wondered how safe your home or office was? The answer is obvious: you have installed the latest alarm system in your home, your office has CCTV and a security officer … you are safe! Well, most of the time danger comes from where you least expect it. There are some very tiny creatures out there, who are more dangerous and destructive than a gang of thieves. Here is the police line-up, where all the suspects are guilty.

Mosquitoes – The Number 1 Killers in the World

As summer comes along, mosquito season reaches its peak. Besides being extremely annoying and causing itchy bites, mosquitoes are known to carry and transmit diseases and viruses such as Chikungunya and Dengue. They can be an irritating problem in your home, causing a lot of disturbance in your household. In hotels or businesses, they can cause serious prejudice to your brand’s reputation. 

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Cockroaches – The Vilest of Them All

These hideous creatures that can live up to one month without food, up to two weeks without water and up to one week without their head will soon be flying around, spreading terror everywhere they land. They contaminate food and any surfaces on which they walk. They damage packaging, books, clothes and leave a nasty smell that ‘sticks’ to any food and objects they come into contact with. More seriously, they are carriers of salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery and typhoid and can spread up to 33 different kinds of nasty bacteria. To add insult to injury, their droppings can cause eczema and trigger asthma attacks. The risk is higher with children, the elderly and those fighting illnesses. The presence of cockroaches in a restaurant or a hotel can be extremely harmful to the business. Just imagine the pictures going viral on the net. 

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Lizards – The Sneaky Attackers

If you think that the only problem associated with lizards is the fact that their droppings damage the paint on the wall, actually, that’s just a minor detail. They do much worse than that. They sneak in your cereal boxes, contaminate your food, lick your toothbrush, and spread all kinds of diseases. They love to find dark places to hide and breed. There are dozens of these spots around your home and office. A lizard living in the switchboard or inside your air conditioner can cause a range of problems from electrical faults, appliance failure, and even a fire.

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Rats – The great destroyers

Rats and rodents, in general, are terrible pests that can cause a business to close down. They can destroy packaging, contaminate products, damage furniture … the list is never-ending. In a household, rats are a serious threat to the health of the residents as nearly a dozen diseases are directly linked to them. They bring with them horrible parasites such as fleas, lice and ticks. On top of that, they never (ever) stop chewing up things, which can be anything, from plastic containers and furniture to electric cables, which can cause a fire. They reproduce extremely fast, hidden in a dark place, usually next to a source of food. Check behind your refrigerators and on the top shelves of your pantry. 

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Don’t take risks with the health and safety of your loved ones, employees or visitors and don’t wait for any of these pests to take over your homes and businesses before contacting us.