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To the tune of The Sound of Music’s “My Favourite Things”:
Rodents increasing and roaches that creep
Mosquito battles which cause restless sleep
Summer insects that carry on buzzing
These are a few of our favourite things!

All sorts of insects and pests come out dancing as summer approaches. Their presence around us being quite annoying and unsanitary, it’s imperative to halt any risk of proliferation at this key moment. Let’s take a look at this summer’s would-be pesterers in chief.

pest control summer pest


It’s been said many, many times, but it’s worth repeating: the sight of one cockroach implies a dozen more hiding! Imagine the outrage that this can cause in restaurants, hotels or offices. Customers will get rightfully offended and the company can suffer from negative publicity.


Rats and mice are not only well-known carriers of disease, but they also defile stored goods, eat refuse, and even cause house and property damage. Summer does make them boisterous as they breed more during this time.


Hands-down the most dangerous animal in the world, it might also well be the most annoying. Frustration caused by buzzing, itchiness because of bites, mosquitoes annoy hotel guests and prevent home dwellers from sleeping. The summer rains that causes water accumulation is ideal for them to thrive.

Flying Insects

They are the bane of all restaurants and food processing facilities: flies. You really shouldn’t expect a client that has been annoyed by them to become a repeat customer. This is why you really shouldn’t let them in in the first place: the flies, not the clients. But however you look at it, flies, moths, yellow jackets, and many other flying insects do proliferate in summer. Unless you contact us!

Don’t let pests spoil your summer by letting them have a great one! We can stop their proliferation by using preventive and remedial measures.