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This meeting seemed to be going so well. You just don’t understand why your prospective client has this baffled expression now. Suddenly the penny drops: despite the bathroom being clean, the stubborn malodour present has offended him.

The Solution: Genie high-performance odour-neutralizing system

Our high-performance odor-neutralizing system has been specifically designed for high-traffic bathrooms that require long-lasting fragrance. Genie uses Prolitec’s patented AirQ™ technology to erase unwanted odours in much the same way as a premium headset cancels unwanted noise; it inhibits the human olfactory system from detecting the odour and works by injection of an ultra-low concentration of scent in the air that allows for improved dispersion and a uniform coverage of the space.

Why Genie Is *THE* Most Advanced Air Treatment System 

  • Long-lasting fragrance with odour-neutralising properties
  • Flexible effect range: from 6 to 425m3
  • Fragrance level can be optimised depending on traffic level
  • It reinforces positive brand/company perception
  • Low consumption levels makes it economical to operate
  • Harmless for bathroom users and safe for the environment
  • 4 fragrances available: Clean Cotton, Tidal Wave, Waterfall & Spring Fresh
Genie hardy henry pest control hygiene

Genie is a convenient and simple solution that ensures that the bathroom smells nice at all times and prevents embarrassing situations

Client Meeting Redux: How the Deal Was Clinched

The wafting smell of effervescent citrus and breezy aldehydic notes, courtesy of the waterfall Genie fragrance, invigorated Mr Client after his trip to the bathroom. Refreshed and ready to explore more avenues of collaboration, the meeting proved to be ultimately fruitful. During your own trip to the lavatory, you reflect on a good day’s work, contended, unknowingly soothed by the assuaging effect of Genie.

Not Just An Air-Freshener Product, A Comprehensive Service

Designed to blend seamlessly into the room décor, GENIE will upgrade the bathroom experience for visitors and employees, improving markedly the company perception while doing so.

As exclusive providers if all Initial products in Mauritius, we provide GENIE air fresheners and all associated services related to the product, from installation to periodic servicing done by our experts.