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Pests have been living with us since the dawn of time. To get rid of them, we’ve come up with all sorts of creative (and often ineffective) methods that we still use and believe in, to this day. That’s why for 2020, we’ve decided to enlighten you about which myths are a plain waste of your time (and a risk to your health) so you get the best chance possible to start 2020 pest free.

Myth 1: Naphthalene balls soaked in peppermint oil chases rats away

Yes, naphthalene balls (especially when soaked in peppermint) have a strong smell, and rats are sensitive to strong smells. But the truth is that this scent degrades over time, making it useless quickly. Oh, and another thing to keep in mind, these guys live in sewers and drains… so strong smells are something they get used to quickly!

Myth 2: Keeping your house clean will keep it pest-free

Though it’s true that shabby and unkept spaces attract pests, a clean space is no guarantee of safety either. Pests want just the same stuff than we do: food, water and shelter!

Myth 3: Cheese and mouse traps will rid you of rats

Sorry, Tom & Jerry fans but you’ve been lied to. Though rats are not fussy eaters, cheese is not their favourite item on the menu. Seeds and nuts are usually a much more effective bait. But that doesn’t mean you should DIY your pest control! Mousetraps are a hazard for pets and small children, and even if you do kill a rat with a mousetrap, the safe disposal of the body is extremely important due to the numerous diseases they carry.

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Myth 4: Chalk helps keep ants away

Have you ever spotted lines of chalk next to ant holes or in homes? That’s because people still believe in the old wives tale that chalk (common chalk, the kind used on blackboards) will help rid you of ants. Though the chalk may disorient an ant trail, they will quickly readapt and continue undeterred. Another thing to remember, even though you may find that ants avoid the chalk temporarily, that doesn’t mean you are rid of them.

Myth 5: Once you have bed bugs, you need to throw away your mattress

Absolutely not. There’s no reason to throw a good mattress away because of bed bugs. Remember, bed bugs live in more places than your bed and can be found all over the room. Instead, take a look at our heat treatment for a more effective solution.

Myth 6: Bed bugs can bite through clothes

A complete myth. Bed bugs have to be in direct contact with your skin to bite you, as their mouths aren’t long enough to suck blood through most materials and bite through your clothes.

Myth 7: Brick and concrete homes are termite proof

Think you’re safe in your fortress? Though termites do not eat brick or concrete, they’ll happily squeeze through small cracks and spaces to make their way to the wooden beams supporting your house!

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two and that you’ve realised one important thing: When it comes to pest control, make sure you let the professionals get it right the first time. If you need any help with your pest control needs, just get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than happy to help.