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Barely larger than an apple seed, bed bugs can give you a hard time at night by turning your sweet dreams into a nightmare. These nocturnal pests are prolific breeders and can quickly become a colony and attack you when you sleep. Extremely unpleasant bites, intense itching, redness, an offensive musty smell … there are many perks.

Heat efficiency

To quickly, accurately and effectively eliminate bed bugs, we use a Heat treatment that uses a portable system that delivers heat to any infested area or object. This treatment can reach all inaccessible areas and is 100% effective. Insects, in general, are very sensitive to high temperatures. Bed bugs are no exception. Eggs, nymphs and adult bugs die if they are exposed to temperatures between 56ºC and 60ºC.

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This treatment is so effective that only one intervention is needed to get rid of an infestation. This is a huge advantage, especially in the hospitality business, hospitals, food processing facilities, bakeries and residential properties as the problem is quickly solved, all without major disruption to your business.

Non-toxic treatment

The Heat Treatment can be safely applied to mattresses, pillows, clothes, and furniture without any danger. The heat used is too low to cause any damages to your belongings. You can reuse them right after, without fear of side effects, since we do not use any chemicals.

Hardy Henry is your local expert, with international standards, in prevention and pest control. Both in hotels and homes, our aim is to provide healthy and secure environments, so you can enjoy a peaceful night. Contact us for more details.

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