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Bacteria are part of life and are everywhere, certainly, but some objects of your daily life are particularly covered with germs. Whether you a germaphobe or not, we thought you might be interested in some ‘fun’ facts about the top dirtiest things that you touch every day. You must be thinking, ‘So obvious, toilet seats!’ Wrong.

Surprisingly, the dirtiest things might not be what you think they are, and they are all your own, either in your household or in your pocket. The obvious-seeming offenders like toilet seats are not guilty, there is much worse out there, which will make your skin crawl in horror. 

Ready to find out what the germiest things are? Without further ado, here are the top 6 filthy bad guys you touch every day:

No 1: The Kitchen Sponge. Seriously?

The very thing you use to clean your plates and cutlery every single day is teaming with over 10 million bacteria per square inch, which is thousands of times more than your toilet seat. Yes, it’s hard to believe but it’s the ugly truth. Your innocent sponge is dirty as can be. The dishcloth is just as bad and can be hom­­e to nasty things like salmonella or even faecal bacteria. Eww.

No 2: Your Best Friend, the Remote Control

Probably your favourite item in the house, which gives you access to a world of entertainment … and a galaxy of germs. If you could grab a microscope and see all that is lurking on your remote control, you would wear gloves for the rest of your life. Coliform bacteria, mould, and potentially even the infection-causing Staphylococcus aureus, all these nasties are all happily living there. 

No 3: Cutting Boards. Chop! Chop! 

Cutting boards retain bacteria which grow and reproduce at the speed of light. The average cutting board contains dangerous bacteria which can include a vast variety of tasty treats ranging from E. coli to Salmonella

Hygiene - Keyboard filled with Bacteria

No 4: Your Precious Computer 

Your most faithful companion? How can that be? Well, you eat lunch over it at work. Maybe the cat naps over it at home. They have numerous crevices for bacteria to hide in and those keyboards are some of the worst offenders when it comes to germ infestations. Staph, coliform, yeast, and mould are among many, many others of germs hiding on your keyboard. Yuck.

No 5: Bad news: your phone!

Yes, and it’s true for all phones, irrelevant of the brand. Most people cannot survive one day – or rather one minute – without their phone, and carry it everywhere they go (even to the loo) – and as a result, it could be up to 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. If you could see all the germs it contains, you would probably throw it away. Anything from skin infections to pneumonia and E. coli can be found on phones. 

No 6: We kept the best for last. Your toothbrush

Are you still reading? Surprise! The toothbrush that you put in your mouth to clean it is, in fact, one of the dirtiest things in your house. Your dog’s mouth is actually much cleaner. Toothbrushes are bacteria magnets and contain 10 million bacteria or more, including E. coli and Staph. And if you keep your toothbrush near your toilet, you really don’t want to know what else you can find on it. An airtight container is not the answer as if your toothbrush can’t dry out between brushing, it encourages mould growth. Tips: Close the toilet lid, wash your toothbrush before using it and change every 3–4 months. 

Breath! We’ve got good news too!

Before you go and wash your hands fifty times, we got good news too. Our sanitiser solution Ultraprotect™ uses revolutionary germ-beating technology to destroy bacteria. It gets rid of 99% of bacteria for a period of 6 hours on the skin and to 24 hours on surfaces. As for your phone and keyboard, give them a going-over with our Ultraprotect™ antibacterial wipes every so often. And if you need more info, you are welcome to contact us!