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Since December, the country is being drenched by rains that are certainly filling up our reservoirs, but all these stagnant waters unfortunately promote the proliferation of diseases such as influenza and gastroenteritis. How to protect yourself effectively?

Prevention is better than cure

A simple handshake or touching a contaminated object is enough to transmit these contagious diseases. In busy places like schools, hospitals and offices, an epidemic can spread very quickly.

According to research, the typical office workers hand come into contact with about ten million bacteria in a day. Hand-washing after using the washroom and before and after meals, remains the best way to avoid cross contamination.

The ultra-protection of Ultraprotect

Washing your hands is not enough to destroy all forms of bacteria and germs. That’s why we recommend a revolutionary disinfectant product, Ultraprotect , that irradiates invisible germs with residual antimicrobial technology.

Available in a dispenser, UltraProtect is more effective than alcohol-based products, does not dry out the skin, and provides protection for up to 6 hours. We also offer wipes for cleaning surfaces and worktops for 24-hour protection of these.

What hides in the toilets

Toilets are breeding grounds for germs. It is therefore essential to disinfect the toilet seats before and after using them. Our toilet sanitiser eliminates existing contamination risks and destroys bacteria before and after each flush.

Stay safe: use our services and our wide range of products for clean hygienic premises!