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With the upcoming seasonal change, the winter flu- in all its horror- is bound to affect even the best of us. As the weather gets colder and wetter, coughs, sniffles and sneezes are likely to be heard here and there within your establishment, causing disruptions, delays and even absenteeism.

Trying to contain the infection, blaming the patient zero or putting all the snifflers in quarantine will be a vain effort if the outbreak has already gone viral.

To make matters worse, the main source of flu contamination is other people which might seem daunting in a workplace setting! The virus is present in the mouth and nose of people who have the flu and when they cough or sneeze they launch the virus into the air in thousands of tiny droplets of saliva and mucus. Another obvious reason is touching hands of people suffering from the flu and touching surfaces that have been contaminated such as door handles, keyboards, phones, taps, handrails, ect. Close proximity is therefore one of the major ways to get contaminated. Since preventing your employees from coming to work during flu season will not serve your best interest nor would it help to get completely paranoid, we suggest a few tips to prevent and minimise the risk of spreading flu and other illnesses.


Step 1: Wash your hands, whether you’re ill or not

Hands are the gateway to germs and poor hand hygiene is one of the biggest causes of contamination in offices and schools. Initial has conducted a recent study with 5,000 participants in 5 countries which showed that one in four people don’t wash their hands even after using the bathroom! By promoting good hand washing practices and increasing the level of hygiene in your washrooms and kitchen, the risk of cross contamination will considerably decrease.

Step 2: Keeping it clean

For your washrooms, our Soap Dispenser along with our Hands Dryer and appropriate waste bins will do wonders in keeping your employees and yourself cool, calm and collected. For the kitchen and high traffic areas, our Ultraprotect™Hands Sanitizer and Ultraprotect™Surface Sanitizer with their germ-beating technology are a must to stop the journey of germs. In addition, our wide range of hygiene products and services are suitable for all types of businesses and with our all-inclusive rental and maintenance program, you are guaranteed a high level of service and an even higher level of hygiene.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more hands on information about how to keep your employees, your business and your production safe.