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According to Chinese astrology, on January 25, 2020, we will be celebrating the year of the Metal Rat, which marks the start of a new 12-year astrological cycle. The Rat is the first sign from the 12 animals cycle of the Chinese Astrology, and has nothing in common with the filthy rodent we despite so much. In fact, the Rat is rather known for being intelligent, lively, smart and opportunistic!
If the year of the Rat looks promising and is a prosperous, and lucky year for all, the presence of rodents in a house, business or establishment is not good news! Now, what does the rat – not the Metal one but the one in flesh and bone, lurking in the dark – has in store for you?

The Opportunist
The rat is an animal that follows its instinct. But opportunity makes a thief, and the rat will seize any chance to break into your home or your building. An open door, a tree branch that serves as a bridge to reach a window, or even a small opening in a wall is enough for them to sneak in and to make themselves at home. It is therefore important not to leave doors and windows open for a long time and seal any small cracks or openings in the walls with waterproof material. Make sure that branches and trees are well pruned. Eliminate unnecessary water sources like leaks, since rodents only need a small amount of water to survive. Seal food and waste containers tightly to stop odours that attract them, and do not leave leftover food in the house.

The Determined
Block their access, and rats will eat their way through a new hole! Without being pessimistic, if a rat has decided to get comfortable under your roof, it will do everything to reach its goal. Rats must gnaw continuously to wear out their teeth, which never stop growing and are stronger than steel and copper. In their frantic quest for food and water, nothing resists them: plastic, wood, aluminium, and even concrete. Just imagine the extent of the damage they can cause in a home or in a business. Did you know that rats can also start a fire by eating electrical wires?

Let the year of the Rat be rodent-free!
The Impolite
Rats will readily attack your food supplies in your home or in warehouses. They destroy packaging and spoil more food than they eat. They nibble on all the foodstuffs they can find and thus make them unfit for consumption. In addition, rats carry many diseases and bacteria which represent a real risk to humans’ health. Among the serious diseases that rats can transmit are salmonellosis, leptospirosis – transmitted by rats via their urine and contaminated water, tuberculosis, E. coli. or even rabies. They also add insult to injury by bringing along lice, and all sorts of parasites.

If we go back to our Chinese horoscope, the year of the Rat is believed to be a year of choices and decisions. Don’t let rodents cause damage to your home or business and harm the health of people. Make the right decision and find out more about our pest control services. All the best for a successful Year of the Rat!