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Whatever your field of business, maintaining a high level of hygiene in your company is crucial for many reasons. Not only is it important for your brand’s image, employees’, customers’ and visitors’ well-being, it also affects your enterprise’s bottom line and revenues. This is how:

High absenteeism

Working in enclosed environments, where people are interacting in proximity with one another, is the ideal place to catch germs. It’s a proven fact that one in four office workers doesn’t wash his/her hands after using the toilets, increasing dramatically the spread of germs. This impacts the health of staff and causes absenteeism and loss of productivity which cost your business money.

Bad reputation

Infectious diseases caused by germs can really harm your brand’s name if customers and visitors get sick. A Salmonella outbreak in your restaurant or swine flu sweeping through your office can lead to shutting down of premises or even legal proceedings following non-compliance.   

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Identify germs hotspots

Did you know that every minute, a working adult touches at least 30 objects which may be contaminated by germs causing infectious diseases? The average desk is home to about 10,000,000 bacteria. The washrooms rank high as a place holding millions of germs, with toilet seats having around 49 germs per square inch, including E. coli and fecal toxins that can cause gastroenteritis. Next, on the list come your keyboard, door handles, microwave door handle, and water fountain buttons. Touching an infected object transmits germs to your hands and touching your face with your unwashed hand infects you with the bacteria. The best way to protect yourself is by using a powerful hand sanitiser regularly.

Raise your hygiene standards

Hand washing and sanitising have been found effective at reducing absenteeism on average by around 40 %. Unlike traditional sanitising solutions, Hardy Henry Services Ltée’s Ultraprotect™ uses residual anti-microbial technology to kill 99.9% of the germs and provides up to 6 hours protection on the skin and 24 hours on surfaces. Get in touch to find out how UltraProtect™, paired with our professional hygiene services, can have an immediate and significant impact on your working environment.