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The presence of flying insects within your hotel, restaurant or agri-food business could really mean bad news for your bank account. From devouring your stock to destroying your establishment’s reputation, these tiny creatures can cause huge money loss. Beyond this negative image, they also carry a number of diseases which could lead to the closure of your business. Here is a little overview about which sector is more at risk.


Mosquitoes will invite themselves for an all-inclusive stay and are one of your worst enemies. They will show no mercy and harass your guests all night-through, leaving them exhausted with red itchy bites in the morning. They can cause bad skin allergies and really serious illness such as malaria or chikungunya virus.

Technically cockroaches are more crawlers than flyers but when the most despicable pests in the universe do decide to take off, they spread fear among those who cross their path. The diseases they spread are even more scary, from Asthma to Salmonella Typhi, which causes Typhoid, they can also cause Dysentery, a disease that causes severe diarrhoea. Moreover, people associate them with dirt, filth and poor hygiene. The very sight of them can be detrimental to your establishment and make it famous on Trip Advisor with bad reviews.  

Moths can damage products such as clothing, carpets, upholstered furniture and tapestries in your hotel. They usually fly at night and are attracted to light. When numerous, they can be a real pain and a terrible party pooper during dinner time.

Restaurants and HoReCA

Apart from being extremely irritating, flies also represent a danger to the health by spreading pathogens, bacteria and germs on every single surface that they touch, especially food. Among others, they spread salmonella, which can cause food poisoning to your customers. The whole image of your establishment suffers if you have an infestation. Just imagine serving your superb 5-star culinary masterpiece to a guest, with a fly on top. It certainly ruins the whole gastronomic experience, doesn’t it?


Food and beverage processing industry

Pest control is an essential part of Good Manufacturing Practice in food processing and not complying to it can cause loss of reputation and legal actions, and even the closure of your business.

There are different species of beetles & weevils that feed on dried foods such as cereals, grains, flour, seeds, nuts, pulses, dried fruit, chocolate, spices, pasta and other various processed products. If not controlled, they can cause stock and product loss or product recall.

Moths are also found in warehouses. If some of them feed on fabric, others have higher culinary expectations and prefer stored cereals, flour, nuts, oil seeds, oily cakes, and grains.

They even have a sweet tooth and love cocoa beans, chocolate confectionery and dried fruits.

It’s time to squash the bug

Early detection and continuous monitoring are essential to minimise the risk of pest infestation.

Our professional, highly-effective and discreet teams are there to back you up in your fight for high sanitary standards and to protect the health of your visitors and employees alike. We keep on innovating to provide the best solutions to irradiate all pests while causing minimum disturbance on your premises.